ITM United Kingdom

Who we are:

The I Thirst Movement is an international lay movement inspired by the charism and spirituality of Saint Teresa of Calcutta initiated by the Missionaries of Charity Fathers in 2006. The aim of the movement is to help its members, and through them others, to Contemplate, Experience, Proclaim, and Satiate God’s infinite Thirst to love and to be loved.

What we do:

The Movement exists to bring each member to personal encounter with the thirst of Jesus. This encounter takes place first in the intimacy of our own soul, especially before the mystery of His broken Body hidden in the Eucharist, and then in service to His broken Body disguised in the Poor. Prayer, Evangelization, and Charity are the sacred ground where our encounter with the thirsting Jesus takes place, where we concretely stand with Our Lady at the foot of the Cross, and where we are called to give ourselves in Oblation through words and works of love.

Why we do it:

What you can do, I can’t do, cannot, but together we can do something beautiful for God…”

(Saint Mother Teresa)

The words of Jesus, I Thirst, spoken from the cross, give to the Movement its identity and apostolic thrust. Among the many associations in the Church, it is ours that has been called to satiate the thirst of Jesus, by leaving the ninety nine (Mt 18:12-14) to go in search of the poorest of the poor in “the dark holes.

Our Aim:

Our Aim is to quench the infinite thirst of Jesus Christ on the cross for love and for souls” by seeking our holiness in the world through a life of prayer, fidelity to our baptismal consecration, and to those commitments made within the Movement, and by wholehearted free service to the poorest of the poor according to our Statutes.

Our identity:

These words spoken from the cross, best reveal the mystery of God’s infinite desire to love and to be loved, a desire that we are called to satiate.

It is in prayer (personal and in community) where we encounter God’s thirsting love for us. In prayer we contemplate and experience the mystery of the thirst.

Through a program of evangelization, we help people to have an encounter with the living Christ who is thirsting for them.

Also in the poorest of the poor Jesus waits for us to quench the thirst to be loved. As bearers of God’s love we are called to let Jesus love them through us.

“I Thirst” Movement Prayer

Mary, Mother of Jesus and my mother, you were the first one to hear Jesus cry, “I Thirst”. You know how real, how deep is his longing for me and for the poor. I am yours. The ‘I Thirst Movement’ is yours. Teach me and bring me face to face with the love in Heart of Jesus Crucified.

With your help, Mother Mary, I will listen to Jesus’ thirst, and it will be for me a word of life. Standing near you, I will give Him my love, and I will give Him the chance to love me, and so be the cause of your joy and so satiate the thirst of Jesus for love of souls. Amen.

Every day, each member unties himself with the rest of the family of the I Thirst Movement praying this prayer.



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